QC Plastics to donate thousands of face shields

INDEPENDENCE – An area company is lending a helping hand to healthcare workers in a time of desperate need. QC Plastics has produced thousands of face shields so far with the help of the community, and is just getting started.

A few weeks ago, QC Plastics Office Manager Sam Hardy noticed the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics were looking for face shield and face mask donations. Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), medical supplies, including face shields, have been hard to come across nationwide. With the help of the community, QC Plastics was able to step up and help fill that need right here in Buchanan County.

“We wanted to be able to help healthcare workers,” said Hardy. “We think it’s really important to keep them safe since they’re on the front lines of this.”

Approximately 15,000 face shields have been made so far, and will be donated to Buchanan County health providers. Boxes of supplies are being sent out to community members who are interested in helping, and are sent back to QC Plastics once they are assembled.

Hardy says there are several ways community members can get involved with this effort.

“There are ways for everyone in the community to help,” said Hardy. “We have people assembling and delivering boxes of face shield supplies, people taking those boxes and assembling the face shields, and people cutting the plastic portion in our building. Everyone can get involved and make a difference.”

Each box contains supplies to make 50 face shields, and is delivered right to your door. When finished, volunteers can send them back to QC Plastics to be distributed to health providers in Buchanan County.

Hardy says the support of the community has helped make this possible, and encourages anyone who is able to help assemble face shields to reach out.

“We really appreciate the community’s involvement in this effort,” said Hardy. “We could not have done this without their help.”

For more information or to volunteer to help assemble face shields, contact Office Manager Sam Hardy by calling (319) 334-3344.


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